Probability Part 1: Rules and Patterns: Crash Course Statistics #13 - Videos


Today we’re going to begin our discussion of probability. We’ll talk about how the addition (OR) rule, the multiplication (AND) rule, and conditional probabilities help us figure out the likelihood of sequences of events happening – from optimizing your chances of having a great night out with friends to seeing Cole Sprouse at IHop!

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  1. My statistics class just started on probability and one of the discussion assignments is to share videos of something we are having a hard time with. I think I understand all the basic concepts in this video, so I wish the rest of this series was posted because I would have loved to have used Crash Course!

  2. I was with you till the part you said you "don't want your weekend to suck" but then said "you could stream get out" I mean, which is it… sucky weekend with get out, or have a decent to good weekend? =p

  3. HELLO GUYSS! Help me to reach 14.5K subscribers on my channel i really appreciate those people who help & particpate to reach my GOAL✔ thanks it really means a lot🇵🇭😄😁💕


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