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“Probability Questions MAHA EPISODE” is a unique video on Probability. It’s a complete video. With full concept to previous years questions- all the things are there. It is sufficient enough to solve almost all important questions to be asked in all competitive exams including IBPS PO. This video starts from ‘Zero Level’ to the Higher Level, required to solve any question of competitive examination. Watch and enjoy them! All the best!
Watch the Video: “Probability Questions MAHA EPISODE IBPS PO 2017 #Amar Sir”:

Amar Sir’s Math Tricks: Quicker Method: Just in few seconds: Without using pen and paper: SBI PO/ Clerk/ IBPS PO/ Clerk/ SSC CGL/ Railway/ RRB/ LIC/ NDA/ CDS/ IAS/ JPSC/ BPSC: By Amar Sir having an experience of 23 years of teaching: Director of Chanakya Career Academy, Jamshedpur: 09931134475/09334476175



  1. Respected Sir,
    I have watched all videos of you and following you from last year,
    My concept is clear in all chapter but just lack of practice is my problem.
    I am doing job and can afford maximum 4-5 hour so how can I practice?

  2. Sir you kill the toughest of questions by your desi mockery & simple thinking. You have proved repeatedly that, the higher the complexity in question, the simpler is the thought required. I have realized, how complex it is to think simple. This caliber of your's makes you special.

    Thankyou sir.

  3. Sir Probablity question mai… OR ka matlab PLUS aur AND aya to MULTIPLY kare? am i right sir ? just started probability 2days ago. PLEASE REPLY. (same question probablity part 3 episode mai bhi pucha tha sir )

  4. every time i feel complacent, you come up with a better but BASIC approach.i believe the most hardest questions are solved with more basic approach. let me corroborate, question based on leap year ,question 8 and 9 from ibps po mains are example. now , after apprx. 11 months i have realized my mistake , that i committed in exam and that cost me my po post. what i had done in quesno. 8).3+8, i was supposed to do 2+8,22+8. thanks sir for explaining in such a beautiful way. the best thing i like about your lectures you simplify the complex things but still with basics. to be very honest and candid, i have been watching your videos since 23rd sept. 2017 and results are unbelievable. now, by your grace sir, i can proudly say," MATHS DIKHTA HAI". last but not least, the way you explained di is exceptional.,especially the comparison based and calculative questions. i think it is the only of its kind. i think you are one of the most intellectual educationists of our nation. you are a true philanthropist, who is providing quality lectures to all aspirants irrespective of their economical background. i respect your dedication to the social cause.

  5. Sir in this question "what is the probability of leap year selected randomly will have 53 Sunday's" I understood what you explained but sir there is no use of 53** in this question as it is particularly mentioned that it should have 53 Sunday's plz reply

  6. thank you so much.I think everyone was looking for this videos.You have explained us with a very basic understanding of card.Most of the time I skip this question related to card, I have never attempted this question in my past examination.Thank you again, for clearing this concept so thoroughly.

  7. Sir I am having doubt with question no. 3 among previous year paper questions ( rrb clerk pre 2017 selection of 2 balls from 5w,6r,4g one after other such that no ball is white) here if we do 1 – 5c2/15c2 we get different ans .
    Pls clarify.

  8. @1:09 4th question last mai minus 1 kiya hai.. is it because question says ATLEAST ONE GREEN BALL ? what if ques said ATLEAST 2 GREEN BALL?? So should we minus from 2 ??


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