Problems Based on Ages-8 BANK PO/SSC CGL/RAILWAY ALP/Loco Pilot - Videos


Please watch: “Miscellaneous Word Problems-108 Canara Bank PO 4th March, 2018 #Amar Sir” –~–
This Video Episode of ‘Problems Based on Ages’ contains five important questions, asked in different Bank PO and SSC examinations. They are important for upcoming Bank PO, SSC CGL and Railway exams also. All the questions have been solved in unique way. You will enjoy Mathematics through these questions. All the best!

Let us watch: “Problems Based on Ages-8 BANK PO/SSC CGL/RAILWAY ALP/Loco Pilot”:

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  1. gd morning sir… sir m bio. ki student hu muje math padhne me bhut sir problems face karni padhti h but apke video lecture se hi muje math samj aata h sir plzz aap ase hi video provide karate rhye with complete explanation ke sath ..iske liye m aapki aabhari rhungi . thanku so much sir…..

  2. वक्त भी सिखाता है और टीचर भी, दोनों में फर्क सिर्फ इतना है कि टीचर सिखा कर इम्तेहान लेता है, और वक्त इम्तेहान लेकर सिखाता है !

  3. बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद सर उम्र आधारित वीडियो के लिए। सर इस टॉपिक को अच्छे से समझने के लिए 1-2 विडियो और दे दीजिए प्लीज़ सर।

  4. A money-lender borrows some money at 4% per annum and he lends it at 6% per annum half yearly compound interest and receives the interest at the end of the year. In this way, he gains Rs. 104.50 after a year. The amount of money he borrows, is: pls expalin

  5. 15 women can complete a work in 4 days and 32 children can complete it in 'x' days.10 women and 20 children work for 3 days and then leave.if the remaining work is completed by 3 women in 15/2 days,what is the value of 'x'?


  6. Ten years hence, age of A is 22 years less than trice his present age. The ratio of age of B and A, 2 years hence will be 3 : 2, respectively. Nine years hence, the age of C will be twice of what the age of B was 9 years ago. Find the present age of C?

    a) 23 years b) 25 years c) 27 years d) 29 years e) none of these

  7. Sir how to solve these types of problems—————
    The Nehru High Secondary College offered a choice of the specializations they wish to study amongst only three specializations – Science, Commerce, Arts. The number of students who took only Science, only Commerce, only Arts are all numbers in an Arithmetic Progression-no particular order. Similarly, the number of students who took exactly two out of three subjects are also numbers that form an Arithmetic Progression.
    The number of students specializing in all three subjects is one-twentieth of the number of students who took only commerce which in turn is half of the number of students studying only Arts. The number of students who took both science and commerce is 15, whereas the number of students who took both commerce and arts is 19. The number of students who have taken Arts is 120, which is more than the number of students studying Science (which is a 2digit number above 50). It is known that there are exactly 4 students who opt for none of these specialisations and opt only for general subjects.
    Q-1- What is the total number of students in the college? Ans- 237
    Q-2- What is the number of students specializing in both Science And Arts? Ans- 23
    Q-3- What is the number of students specializing in maximum two subjects? Ans- 231
    Q-4- What is the number of students specializing in all the three subjects? Ans- 2
    Q-5- What is the number of students specialised in arts as well as science but not in commerce? Ans- 21
    Plz reply sir.

  8. Caselet DI
    According to XYZ the census has been taken by the Government for literacy rate in two villages A and B , total population is 6,00,000.
    In which, the ratio b/w total numbers of males to total number of females is 5:3 and the ratio of total population in village A to village B is 17:13. The ratio of number of males in village A to number of males in village B is 7:8 .
    Total ratio of literate to illiterate(in men) 4:1. Out of total women only 35% are literates. Total percentage of adults is 80% (m:f=5:3) in total population and in remaining 10% are children, all other peoples are senior citizens

    Qno1) what is the difference between literate people to total number of Senior citizens
    a)378750, b)78750,c)270750, d)221250, e)not

    Qno2) total number of literate males in village A(if 45% of literate males are in village A) is what percentage of total number of illiterate females (approximately
    A) 97%, B) 89% C92% D) 85% E)not

    Qno3) what is the ratio of males in village B to adult females in the survey
    a) 5:4 b) 4:5 c) 9:10 d) 10:9 e) not

    Qno4) what is the increase/decrease in percentage of total number children to the difference between the populations of village A to village B
    B) 85% increase
    C) 95% increase
    D) 95% decrease E) not

    Qno5) what is difference between sum of illiterates and the total population of two villages A and B
    A) 455500
    B) 378750 c) 401200 d) not e) 221250

  9. Eight persons R, Q, P, O, Y, X, U and N are sitting in two parallel rows having four person in each row in such a way that there is an equal distance between the persons who sit adjacent to one another. Four of them are facing south and four of them are facing north. Therefore in the given seating arrangement each member seated in a row faces another member of the other row. They all have different heights and lives on different floors of the same building having eight floors, but not necessarily in the same order. X is seated second to the right of the person who is fourth tallest. X faces the person, who lives on Eighth floor. R is not the fourth and the second tallest person. The second tallest person is seated opposite to the one who sits third to the left of O. Either R or O lives on Seventh floor. Q sits to the immediate left of N who is taller than U. The one who lives on Fourth floor sits diagonally opposite to the person who lives on First floor. N does not live on Fourth and Fifth floor. Q is taller than P. The person who lives on Second floor sits immediate left of the person, who faces the person who is the tallest. Q is not an immediate neighbour of X. The one who lives on First floor sits second to the right of the person who lives on Sixth floor. The shortest person does not sit at any of the extreme ends of the rows. Only two persons are sitting between P and the fifth tallest person. Third shortest person sits opposite to the second tallest person. The third tallest person sits to the immediate right of P, who is not an immediate neighbour of the fourth tallest person. R is seated third to the left of the second tallest person. P is not the fourth tallest person. U sits opposite to one, who is an immediate neighbour of R. X and Q are not facing each other. O is facing towards North direction. U is not the tallest. The persons who live on fourth floor and eighth floor are facing each other.

  10. Thankkkkkk u sir 😃 mains = peper 1: hindi hai or esme 30% marks lane hai. 100 questions honge 200 marks k… Or merit mein hindi k mark add nai honge.
    Paper 2: merit esi pe bnegi. Yea bhi 200 marks k honge or 2 hr.. Syllabus hai : general knowledge, general science, politics, Indian history, Indian geography, math & mental abilities… 1717 total vacancy hai sir or 438245 mein se 29380 students ne qualified Kiya hai. Enme se 1717 ka 6 guna physical ke liye lenge. Physical me running 1 miles 6min, high jump 4 feet, long jump 12 feet. Subh Kuch hai uske bad medical or merit list peper 2 m mark k aadhar p bnegi.. Sir please guide me plzzzzzzzz

  11. Sir please ek do videos surds ko Leke Bana do different types questions like infinite root series or Usme he ek do type or jo Bacha hua hai.
    Thank you sir. ❤

  12. Five football players Q,R,S,T and U went to Australia for a FIFA World Cup.They stay in different hotels i.e.Taj, Clarks Avadh, Renaissance, Maple leaf and Fairfield and in different levels of rooms i.e. Deluxe , Luxury , Diamond , Gold , Platinum.
    a) T does not stay in Maple leaf and Fairfield hotel but stay in Gold room.
    b) Q either stays in Maple leaf or Taj hotel and does not stay in Deluxe and Luxury room.
    c) S stays in Renaissance but does not like to stay in Platinum and Deluxe rooms.
    d) Person who stays in Maple leaf does not stay in Diamond room and the person who likes to stay in Taj Hotel like to stay in Luxury room.R does not like to stay in Luxury room.

    Who lives in Deluxe?
    Cannot be determined

    Which combination is correct?
    U-Maple leaf
    All are false

    R lives in which hotel ?
    Maple leaf
    Cannot be determined
    None of these

    Who lives in Platinum room?

    Who lives in Clarks Awadh Hotel?

    Directions (6-10):

    A , B , C , D ,E ,F and G live on seven different floors of a building but not necessarilyin the same order.The lowermost floor of the building is numbered 1,the one above is numbered 2 and so on.Each one of them teaches different subjects viz., Geography , Agriculture , Science , EVS , GK , Maths and Commerce (not necessarily in same order).Only three people live between B and E. B lives on one of the floors above E. E does not live on the lowermost floor.Only one person lives between B and the one who teaches Science.The one who teaches Commerce lives on one of the even numbered floors above the one who teaches Science. Only two people live between G and the one who teaches Science. The one who teaches Geography lives immediately above G. A lives immediately above F. A does not teaches Science. The one who teaches EVS lives on one of the odd numbered floors below F. G does not like EVS. D lives on one of the floors above C. Only one person lives between the one who teaches GK and the one who teaches Maths.D does not teaches GK. G does not teaches Agriculture.

    Which of the following subject does B teaches?
    None of these

    Who amongst the following lives on floor number 6th?

    B is related to C in the same way A is related to G ,so F is related to whom?
    Either E or D
    None of these
    Cannot be determined

    EVS subject is teached by whom?
    None of these

    D teaches which of the following subject?
    None of these

  13. Sir teaching traditionally which takes more time so pls sir shortcut v bataye jese 2nd question me 14:17 and 17:20 ka difference 3 h to 3=6 karne se 1=2 and 17*2=34 that s way more time saving than traditional method so pls upload short cut also


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