Profit And Loss Shortcut Tricks For SSC, Bank PO, CAT, Campus Placements Part 1 - Videos


Learn profit and loss shortcut tricks and tips for competitive exams right here at Freshers Place. Profit and loss questions are very important from all the competitive exams point of view. You must be preparing to appear in one of SSC exams, Bank PO Exams, SBI PO, or any campus recruitment drive going to happen in your college. The Freshers Place profit and loss YouTube video lesson are prepared keeping in mind all these exams. The questions are selected after much brainstorming from various well known books and previous years question papers. 

The selection of the profit and loss questions and answers for this chapter videos is done carefully so that all type of questions can be covered. Your concept of the chapter will be very clear after watching the full series of the videos. Once your concept is clear then you can solve any of the questions from profit and loss. We have focused on providing the shortcut methods to solve all the questions of this chapter. At the same time we keep in mind that the answer is not confusing. It is very important to write less and do more mind calculations so that the question can be solved fast. This is the best shortcut trick to solve any kind of questions of mathematics.
The chapter covers basic profit and loss shortcut tricks, MRP and discount questions, dishonest trader questions and answers, high level profit and loss questions and answers and many more. The student is required to practice all the discussed questions from solved PDF files available at our website:–

Quantitative Aptitude

There is a mock test at the end of the last part of profit and loss at our website. Please take the mock test to complete the chapter. Mock tests are confidence boosters for your preparation. These are very helpful in your preparation as you always know how much more time you need to spend on the topic.

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