PTE Listening Test Tips and Tricks for Write from Dictation - Videos


How to Get 90 in PTE Listening – Write from Dictation PTE Tips

Do you want to know how to get 90 in PTE academic?

In this video, Alex goes more in depth on specific tips, tricks, and strategies for the dictation section of the PTE Academic Exam.
He discusses time management and the marks distribution for listening questions, but most important what YOU need to FOCUS on 100%

Get the advice and tricks to score FULL marks on your PTE exam. As an English teacher and instructor, he has taken the PTE Academic Exam numerous times and scored 90 in each section.

In this particular video, he shows you how to get a perfect score in the WRITE FROM DICTATION question in the listening section of the exam.

Watch the full playlist to find a way how YOU too can crack the test and get your desired score.

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