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  1. Sir,
    I didn't know most of the answers. But, in the process of finding the answers, I realise I got to know many things. Thank you for your amazing sessions. Now, I can tell from my own experience that innovation is the real king as this approach of combining vocabulary with general knowledge, cartoons and quotations, delicately enriched with subtle humour really helps in imprinting the words learnt in a longer run. I really look forward to learn much much more from you during Bodhi Pratham course as well as I have already enrolled for the same.

    1. Fratricide – (in latin; Frater + cide = brother + killing) -> Killing of a brother.
    2. Regicide – (in latin; Regis + cide = King + killing) -> Killing of a King.
    3. Matricide – (in latin; Matris + cide = Mother + killing) -> Killing of a Mother.
    4. Patricide – (in latin; Patris + cide = Father + killing) -> Killing of a Father.
    5. Uxoricide – (in latin; Uxor + cide = Wife + killing) -> Killing of a wife.
    6. Mariticide – (in latin; Maritus + cide = Husband + killing) -> Killing of a husband.
    7. Sororicide – (in latin; Soror + cide = Sister + killing) -> Killing of a sister.
    Heinrich Himmler, Hermann Goring, Martin Bormann ; Mein Kampf
    MAD – Mutually assured destruction
    In 1930s and 40s, Unit 731 of Japanese Imperial army conducted medical experiments on humans in occupied China.
    Fidel Castro, Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong
    Hitopadesha is a collection of sanskrit fables just like panchtantra but were made with a specific purpose, to acquaint young prices with the art of statesmanship.
    The drawing by Leonardo Da Vinci is known as Vitruvian Man. It answers the question " What should be the ideal proportions of a human body?" according to then prevalent perceptions.

  2. sir please make videos on RC , i'm very bad at RC, whenever i mark the answer it always goes wrong and my CAT %ile was very bad in VARC section…….m very depressed…..sir please do something.

  3. what if someone is trying to look like westerners. you look alike an iconoclast. sorry to bother you, but I really find it irrelevant, the way u said don't USE any fake accent. but still, you are cramming words. aren't you?
    I venerate my nation and language too. you know how stupid Indians actually are(somewhere I am involved too). spitting on roads, venality, poor etiquette, impertinent to women.
    they don't follow traffic rules. the acrimonious politics extant all over in my great nation. that's the working plan to be a fully developed nation in upcoming years. what will you say about 15% of graduates moving to other parts of the country and can speak better than an English native speaker, please, I intimate you never comment on efforts made by them. DON'T discriminate. they aren't fools. show respect to them as well.

  4. Thank You for Such knowledge video. Made it lucid and very good accent.
    I love to answer some questions here as asked during lecture. I do not know all of them.
    Do those events not considered as Holocaust? ?????!!!!!!!!
    Killing King : Regicite
    Killing Human : Genosite
    Killing own Father : Patricite
    Killing own Mother : Matricite
    Killing own Husband : Sororicite
    Killing own wife : forgot

    Leaders in Picture
    1 Karl Marx (inventor of communist "Communist manifesto -Germany )
    2 nd Don't know
    3rd Vladimir Lenin -Russia (USSR At that time )
    4th Joseph Stalin -Russia (USSR at at time)
    5th Mao Zedong -China

    It think Fidal Kastro must add. HA HA HA

    Painting painted by Leonardo da Vinci is Vestavia man

    Unfortunately, English is more important language rather then national language in Bharat.
    I do not care about my English accent.
    For me
    "English is a language not measurement of Intelligency"
    Hope we Bharatiya will over come Influence of western.

    Thank you


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