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PT’s Vocabulary Booster – PT-VB 7 – Vocab for competitive exams + Quiz – is the latest addition to the amazing services we bring to students.

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Useful for all Govt. Exams (UPSC, RBI, IBPS Bank PO, State PSC, SSC, CDS, Railways etc.)MBA entrance exams, GDs, Interviews, Personality & Confidence Development

Vocabulary words for competitive exams : to score more

Practice Questions : Objective quiz questions, with answers
Bilingual explanation – English and Hindi

Solid 24×7 support through Bodhi Booster knowledge portal ( and PT education site

PT VB is Free, forever, for everyone!

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  1. It all starts with a dream and a desire. If you the courage to work hard, sooner or later your dreams will be turn into reality. Failure is a state, do not make failure a habit. Smart man is one who learns from his failures, more smart man is one who learns from the failure of others. So be smart and positive there will be obstacles in life and believe me they are the most beautiful thing about life.

  2. when u r going to take initiative and u know what kind of obstacle u have to face. But instead of taking step forward towards the journey if u become timid just cause of thinking that i would not able to crack it, then know one can help you. And without stoppages no other train can run continuously although we are men.These stoppages are like failure which is necessary to come in our journey but to accepting these phenomena is not meaning that to stuck permanent. Fee fuel and go Ahead .

  3. Its all up to you..within you..which decides your invincible desires to get succeeded or abjure and embrace have to decide what you have to be honest with yourself so that you can desire succeeding and mind failure to avoid it..

  4. teetotaler : A teetotalar person always supports the govenments initaive of ban on alcohol amidst the fury of drunken.

    skeletal and skeleton- In african countries some childrens are so malnourished that their skeletal bodies look like skeleton keep in musuems.

    Muslims keep roja for 30 days in Ramzan Month

    Holocaust- Hitlers torture over jews.
    Schindler's list- Steven Spielberg also directed jurrasic park and ET

    Luguburious- After the implementation of Gst, tax evaders are luguburios and critising the government.

    strapped- Vijaya Malya should be strapped and from those assets, bank's loan get repayed.

    You may only succeed if you desrie succeeding; you may only fail if you do not mind failing.
    :- what this lines indicates is about positiveness and frame of mind. What the frame of mind you make will lead you to your destination. If you desire success you may only get succes because you do not mind fail. Its like the how the ice gets shaped as per its tray.

    Thanks for the great session Sir.


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