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Have you every wondered why punctuation in English is necessary and how to use it correctly? In this class I will explain the real reason for using punctuation and show you how powerful it can be. Not only do I show you how to use the common punctuation marks like commas, semi-colons, and colons, I also show you more exotic punctuation like the asterisk, the solidus, and the tilde. See you in class!
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  1. Hi Christian!!!
    I found very interesting this class!!!
    Punctuation is so important because it's sometimes difficult to understand a text or maybe oneself can misunderstand a message!!!
    It happened to me in the past!!!
    In my opinion, the commas are very important because you can be confused about what the other person wants to say!!!
    I knew all the signs of punctuation you explain, except the name of last three.
    Something that I found rare in English is after the comma follows the word 'and' 'cause in Spanish is never the word 'and after a comma.'
    The three points doesn't mean that I am angry!!!
    When I write 3 dots (…) it means that I go to continue the sentence or I don't want to say all and to let something of failure/suspense. Although, I was thinking about what you said Christian and maybe sometimes when somebody tells me something that I don't like it, I write a sentence but I didn't finish it and use (…) to show my anger.
    You becomes the classes very funny in the way to explain!!!

  2. if you love what you do, don’t be afraid to do it. if you love yourself, don’t be afraid to celebrate yourself constantly. if you’re proud of yourself, don’t be hesitant to express it. don’t live in fear, you do you. it’s how you grow

  3. As usual new one great video , I have been working on last week and now it's like a getting fresh air for me . For education, for relax, for recovery, for everything. Christian thanks a lot to you , you are great person

  4. Besides that, in Portuguese we also have graphic accentuation (á â ã à). That makes Brazilians crazy! Lucky you all native English writers!


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