Q35 to Q50 in 3 weeks – Carrie Law’s journey to GMAT 750. - Videos


Carrie Law managed to score GMAT 750 (Q50, V42) in her first attempt while balancing her studies with work. After taking the first mock, she realized that despite being a native speaker, in order to ace the GMAT, she needs a methodical and structured approach. In the debrief she has also covered her journey about how she managed to get to Q50 with just 3 weeks of preparation using the Quant Live Prep Course. To get free access to this course, click here – https://goo.gl/nZLCSy

Key highlights of Carrie’s debrief:

0:10 – Starting GMAT prep and first mock

3:57 – Finding the right resource and structuring prep

7:35 – Balancing studies with work using a proper plan

11:26 – Quant prep: Q35 to Q50 in 3 weeks

16:08 – Taking mocks and last 3 weeks of preparation

21:36 – Scholaranium and e-GMAT’s Solutions modules helped improve ability

26:10 – Plan forward and MBA application evaluation factors



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