Quant Hacks- Find cube root of any number in 5 seconds (Episode 15) - Videos


Our next quant hack by Saurabh Kothari Sir where he teaches to find the cube root of any number with a simple technique.


Episode 1: Trick to solve probability dice questions in 1 minute!: https://youtu.be/8KmC78mdxwA

Episode 2: Trick to find prime numbers between 0-100: https://youtu.be/tmBvg51oTLY

Episode 3: Shortcut to solve compound interest questions without formula: https://youtu.be/KonFsiGnoMM

Episode 4: Shortcut to solve Trigonometry questions in 1 minute: https://youtu.be/pfMmETqD9SA

Episode 5: Shortcut to find number & sum of factors: https://youtu.be/ORHvQ7iUwaA

Episode 6: Quant HACKS- Shortcut to solve replacement questions in 1 minute: https://youtu.be/9_cVq6pHd8s

Episode 7: Shortcut to find “Unit Digit” in Number System: https://youtu.be/g4t3rPcVqGU

Episode 8: Shortcut to solve “Algebra” questions in 10 seconds : https://youtu.be/mKHiQhVmZzw

Episode 9: Shortcut to solve “Simplification” questions in 3 seconds : https://youtu.be/NKgwex13WdE

Episode 10: Shortcut to solve “Remainder” questions in 10 seconds: https://youtu.be/bFAywUjtecU

Episode 11: Shortcut to find square of any number ending with ‘5’: https://youtu.be/wpcfFROYkfg

Episode 12: Shortcut to multiply any numbers in 5 seconds: https://youtu.be/kS_cExSLXtg

Episode 13: Number System in 10 seconds | Wilson’s Theorem | Euler’s Theorem | Fermat’s Theorem: https://youtu.be/M7ZihOCuL4Q

Episode 14: The Chinese Remainder Theorem: https://youtu.be/hsIsUaoGV50




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