Question on NEET answered by Adv Faiz syed - Videos


Neet 2018 is the one way road to get to your dream job that is “Doctor”,This noble profession of doctors is hard to get but once you get it then…….;-)

In this video ADV FAIZ SYED will help you regarding the continous failure of students in neet and remedy to this problem,

If someone failed in neet 2017 and droped this year (2018) was this a right decision,

if in the upcoming neet if someone fails then what he/she should do:
1) should he/she leave preparation
2) Drop again

As time is less, only 4/5 months are remaining, these preapartion tips will help you alot in neet 2018.

preparation tips and tricks are good and form renowned person Adv. faiz syed.

Do watch till last to get best result from this video and crack neet without any coaching institutes like Allan, Aakash,resonance or any other coaching institute in kota or other state.

Best of luck for neet!



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