ratio and proportion part-2 by Ashish sir (score 193.5/200 cgl mains maths ) - Videos


in this lecture series ashish sir will be dealing with ratio and proportions this chapter is the base of all the most difficult chapters for ex percentage, simple interest ci, profit nd loss, alligation nd mixtures so watch complete series for complete information.
for older videos go through the playlist:
ratio and proportion:”https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLesyu_gd_4THfb7PvuK2CJIoWmjFPDjAw”
profit and loss:”https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLesyu_gd_4TENiYSK83yTFhqRAw28cAn-”
number system:”https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLesyu_gd_4TFueCoyZfkrzs2ivWk7gD7D”



  1. Just a polite reminder it was 5th april when you all share lecture schedule with us since then I have waiting that moments when we can see regularities in uploading videos every time we heard something and received something else in same way few days ago you told us ujjaval will be uploading english and advance math and you asked student to choose between trigo and algebra you informed us that either algebra or trigo with ratio and proportion will be uploaded but two days passed but no sign of algebra or trigonometry I just want to request you all sir that maintain regularities in uploading videos because you all are ray of hope for so many students in this regard I urge you all please make everything back on track. sorry if any of my word hurt any of the person.


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