RBI Grade B Topper Interview: Exam Strategy, Preparation Tips, Success Story for 2017 exam - Videos


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  1. @unacademy
    sir..graduated with 59.88% in bcom (h) from Delhi university and post graduated with 61% in MCOM.
    because of not 60% in graduation just because of 2 marks, I'm ineligible for this exam?
    please reply.

  2. Hi, Radhey! I just had one query. I'm working as a full time Bank officer! What is the time management that I should follow? Can you shed some light onto this? P.S. – I'm not an UPSC aspirant.

  3. So all we need is 2.5 hours of study time(if you are working) to crack this . So don't just read all those fat books recommended online on the websites, Instead first lay your hands on the memory based previous year questions (Affairs Cloud and Bankers Adda) etc . Analyse them and notice that 70 % of the questions are only on current affairs of the last three months before the exam . So focus on Phase 1 , get into the top 2700 first , and in the mean while I'll Come up with more videos about the time table and stuff.

  4. would like to ask you one thing that in phase 2 we have sectional cutoff for english , esi and finance & management or do we have the overall cutoff out of 300 marks ?

  5. Perks of becoming the Manager at the RBI :
    1) 3 BHK in metro cities.
    2) 200 litres of petrol per month.
    3)A foreign trip every alternate year.
    4)Higher Education at World's best Universities at RBI's cost(approx 50 lakh).
    5)5 Day work week.(50 leaves yearly)In addition to 104 Sat and Sun.
    6)Free Medical Facility at top Hospitals,10-6 Job with very less pressure.
    7)Reimursements Spects, Briefcase,books ,etc.
    8)Scholarships to Children.
    9)Housing /Car/ Personal loans at Concessional Rates.
    10)CFA FRM Course reimbursements.
    11)Good Learning Opputunity,Status, Brand Name, Power,peaceful life.
    12)5 Star stay at hotels during official work,travel by flight,4K TA/DAper day.
    13)Good Promotion Chance, can reach upto Dep Gy/ED/RD/CGM post.
    14)Deputation to Finance Ministry, Home Ministry, CBI,Nationalised Bank Boards,IT,Foreign Banks.
    15)Foreign Trainings at Federal Reserve ,Bank of England, World Bank, IMF, etc.

  6. Sir, after watching so many videos & articles, I(an Engg.) started reading FM by Prasanna Chandra, but all the concepts were going over my head?
    will study from murugan site u mentioned now, but not able to find it, could you pls tell us the exact name of the site
    thanx in advance?

  7. Sir your live session on books for RBI that was streamed an hour b4 is not available as a video neither on YouTube nor on unacademy. I couldn't see it live . please upload d video also


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