Reasons why these 2 CAT Toppers took the exam this year will leave you stunned. No, they didn’t want to get into the IIMs - News


For fourth year B-Tech student Yash Choudhari, who hails from Maharashtra, scoring a 100 percentile in the CAT exam meant he would get his big ticket to his dream college – IIM Ahmedabad or Bangalore.

If he does, he is ready to turn down the job offer he already has from placements in his college

But it’s a different story for another topper Rahul Sharma who hails from Delhi. Sharma didn’t want to get into an IIM, because he is already an IIM-Ahmedabad Graduate. That means he was taking the CAT test for the second time, but he had an entirely different purpose to appear for the exams this year.

Ask him, and he says he wanted to teach his students how to score well. Having successfully cleared the CAT exam earlier, and graduating…

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