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Prepare for CAT 2018/XAT 2019/SNAP/FMS/IIFT/NMAT with SolveWithShubham.
This class on Remainder Theorem discusses the basic core concepts of finding remainders. The lesson deals with simple techniques of determining remainders through Binomial Theorem method. It also talks about a special case where the dividend and divisor have a factor in common and how it can be dealt to get the answer. The concepts have been illustrated with the help of few good and interesting questions out of which one question is from CAT 2003 previous year paper.
Remainders is an important topic for CAT 2018 under the purview of Number System. In the following classes on the channel Solve With Shubham, I will discuss different methods to solve Remainders.
1. Pattern Method
2, Euler’s Method
3. Fermat’s Little Theorem
4. Wilson’s Method
5. Chinese Remainder Theorem
Also, the sub topics will cover various examples as taken from previous year CAT/XAT and other exam papers.

The channel Solve With Shubham has covered the topic Number Systems for CAT in detail and will certainly help the students in understanding the basic concepts.
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