Rotation of complex number. BY RAJESH CHOUDHARY-IITJEE concepts in Hindi - Videos


This concept is explained concisely by IITian Faculty.

Any Time Padhai Academy provides awesome content for students Preparing for IIT JEE

It is founded by Vineet Khatri who is Legend in IIT JEE Training.
A graduate from IIT Roorkee also cleared IAS mains in 1st attempt.

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  1. Sir please explain me how electrons move in a circuit .like how it first goes to positive terminal and then how does it get back to the negative terminal..I am a bit too confused,Please help..

  2. #Rajesh Sir +Any Time Padhai Academy can you please make a video on curve sketching ? Across the whole youtube there is no video that explains curve sketching from JEE point of view . They will discuss all the same theory . can you please upload some questions in which students get trapped ? Maybe a special paper ?


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