SAMPURN strategy for UPSC 2019 for new aspirants. Must watch!!!Part-2 By Manish Kumar - Videos


SAMPURN – Systematic Analytical Meticulous Preparation Understanding Reality and Need for UPSC Exam

Hello friends,

In this video I will be talking about SAMPURN strategy for UPSC 2019 for the new aspirants those who are entered this year for CSE preparation. I think I no need to explain SAMPURN because it’s form full gives you the whole picture.

Here I am talking about how to prepare or crack UPSC. And also I am not the ideal person because I had a very different approach. I tried it on my own way that worked for me. If I say this that means there is no ideal way for crack this exam if you have better approach or some different approach in a right direction then you will definitely crack this exam.

Frankly speaking you will get a pure taste, do you this whole video.

Be Happy, Be Honest to yourself, Be Focused


Manish Kumar
AIR 61 CSE 2017
AIR 49 RBI 2017



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