SAMPURN strategy for UPSC 2019 for new aspirants. Must watch!!!Part-3 By Manish Kumar - Videos


SAMPURN – Systematic Analytical Meticulous Preparation Understanding Reality and Need for UPSC Exam

Hello friends,

In this video I will be talking about SAMPURN strategy for UPSC 2019 for the new aspirants those who are entered this year for CSE preparation. I think I no need to explain SAMPURN because it’s form full gives you the whole picture.

Here I am talking about how to prepare or crack UPSC. And also I am not the ideal person because I had a very different approach. I tried it on my own way that worked for me. If I say this that means there is no ideal way for crack this exam if you have better approach or some different approach in a right direction then you will definitely crack this exam.

Frankly speaking you will get a pure taste, do you this whole video.

Be Happy, Be Honest to yourself, Be Focused


Manish Kumar
AIR 61 CSE 2017
AIR 49 RBI 2017



  1. 2k Rs apko utha lena chaiye tha and us se books ,khana ya ckothes purchase karke kisi ko donate kar dete. ( Lekin as you said you were in 2nd year us time pe itna samajh bhi ni aata ki kare toh kya kare)


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