SBI CLERK 2018 notification : Vacancies ; doubts ; Exam pattern ; Dates , sectional timing, cutoff - Videos


In this video , we have provided the detailed notification of SBI CLERK 2018 in the form of Questions.

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  1. sir if they select on merit for mains on an all India level prelims(10times of category in MERIT means 37000 general candidates from rank 1to 37000 in general category all over india) for mains irrespective of states vacancies required…
    now suppose most candidates in merit comes from two three specific states constitute most of the merit list and they have their choices as these very specific states..
    then In last stage of process will SBI will not fall short on candidates require for VACANCIES in other states?

  2. A shopkeeper purchased 200 books and recovers the cost price after selling 160 of them . He sells the remaining 40 books at a profit of 65% and earns RS 4680 as profit on them . What is the total selling price of the 200 books

    Ans- 47880

    Sir plz solve


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