SBI PO 2017 preparation :Machine Input (High Level Questions) for Banking & others Exam - Videos


In this video we shall discuss high level machine input questions. Most of the exams including SBI PO, IBPS,CLERK, RAILWAYS,SSC CGL, SBI PO 2017, BANK PO, RRB PO, RBI CLERK, SSC CGL, LIC,RAILWAYS, RBI and other competitive exams consist of questions from this topic and many students facing difficulty while solving such questions. So i tried to make the task easier. You will definitely find change in your speed and accuracy while solving these type of questions.

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  1. sir ssc mts k liye english aur maths k session bhi karvaiye… kyu ki banking aur isme fark pad jaata hai… ssc mts aur cgl k liye reasoning ki tarah maths aur english bhi karvayenge to bohot fark padega sir…

  2. sir,in the first question you said the step number would be surely 5..But sir, if in the input some words and numbers are prearranged in their respective positions ,then how could we say the final step no???because if some pairs were prearranged then no step would be required for them to be arranged.,and accordingly total required step would be less??isn't it??plz reply sir

  3. There are eight members of a family–P, Q, R, S, T, U, W and Z. All of them are sitting around a circular table facing the centre. They belong to three different generations and there are three married couples among them. Four of them are males and four of them are of the opposite gender (though not necessarily in the same order.)They like different movies viz., The Twins, Twelve, Turbo, The Twilight Saga, Typhon, Twin Dragons, The Twelve Chairs and Twentieth Century but not necessarily in the same order. Further, some more information is also given.
    • The son-in-law and maternal grandson of Z are immediate neighbours. W cannot be an immediate neighbour of her sister-in-law. W likes the movie Twelve.
    • Q, a spinster, is sitting two places to the right of her grandfather T. Neither R nor T likes the movie The Twelve Chairs. P and his sibling S can’t sit together. Typhoon is liked by the brother-in-law of R.
    • There are only three persons sitting between the person who likes Twin Dragons and her aunt S. R, a married male, cannot be an immediate neighbour of either T or Q. R does not like the movie Twentieth Century or The Twins.
    • The Twelve chairs the movie is not liked by either S or Z. U and Q are not siblings. T does not like the movie Turbo or The Twins. There is only one person sitting between R and his brother-in-law. Turbo is not liked by the Son-in-law of Z.

    Q1. Who sits second to the right of P’s father?
    (a) Q
    (b) T
    (c) S
    (d) U
    (e) R

    Q2. Who likes the Twelve Chairs?
    (a) P
    (b) T
    (c) Z
    (d) U
    (e) R

    Q3. Who is son in law of Z?
    (a) P
    (b) Z
    (c) S
    (d) Q
    (e) R

    Q4. Which of the following movie does S like?
    (a) Twin Dragons
    (b) Twentieth Century
    (c) Turbo
    (d) Either (a) and (c)
    (e) Cannot be determine

    Q5. Which of the following statements is correct?
    (a) W likes The Twins
    (b) Z likes Turbo
    (c) T is Z’s husband
    (d) Q is S’s son.
    (e) None of these

    Q6. Who sits opposite to one who is sister in law of W?
    (a) Q
    (b) Z
    (c) P
    (d) T
    (e) None of these

    Q7. Who likes The Twilight Saga?
    (a) Q
    (b) T
    (c) R
    (d) S
    (e) P

  4. sir, what you did in the first ques. was totally wrong … because if it was correct then according to your explanation … if you would be asked to find the input in ques 1 [the correct ans would be cnd] but you will find that too according to your explanation….

  5. sir plz make vedio on straight line and parallel line sitting arrangement and
    make a difficult sitting arrangement with blood relation vedio
    and explain how to solve these type of questions


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