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Wanting to be a computational chemist ? Find out if it will be beneficial.
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  1. Hello sir my thesis in on computional study of catlyst effect. Can I continue this topic in ph.d level. I work on Gaussian 09 . Is it beneficial or not? Bcoz my work totally theoretical. Plz suggest me. Sir..

  2. Sir what is the importance of forensic chemistry and how can we make career in forensics..I have done bsc in pcm but not scores much as i have no interest in maths and maths is very weak.. please reply sir..

  3. Thank you so much bro🙏…
    I'm too biggest fan of computational chemistry, as you said I know c++,Java ….I will definitely do research in computational chemistry after my masters it's sure
    This video give more hopes for my dreams….
    Thanks once again for accepting my request & u made this video

  4. please tell me some scope of a laser spectroscopy( Experimental Physical Chemistry) . I have done my MSc project in optical tweezers which is basically an application of laser Spectroscopy and it was quite interesting. In future I would like to work on this field.So please tell me some job or any other scope in this field.

  5. Thank you sir for sharing your Outlook on computational chemist ry.I wanna be a computational chemist in future can you please suggest me some important programming languages that I should know?

  6. Bro I am gonna join at tifr this year and I'm interested in computational chemistry but we don't have computational chemistry during post graduation. So, what I should learn before joining and where I am gonna find it?

  7. hi..Nice see that people from purely experimental background knows the importance of computational chemistry…I am working in the same field from last six years ..feeling good to know that now peoples are recognizing the power of computational chemistry…I am continuously following your lectures …it is quite helpful for students who wants to persue a career in research …keep it bro…all the best…keep sharing a organic lectures

  8. Sir…is it beneficial to get the geochemist (UPSC geoscientist /geologist /geochemist )coaching ?or shud i join 6 months training course on molecular modeling and computer aided drug designing?


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