Secret to Crack IIT JEE in 1st Attempt - Videos


Many of the students fail to believe that they can IIT JEE in 1st attempt,this video attempts to motivate you all to succeed in 1st attempt.

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  1. Book recommendation for those who are struggling with chemistry:

    For chemistry, I'd suggest that you try Modern publishers' books for class 11 and 12 (author is Dr. S.P. Jauhar). Here's why:

    #1 Firstly, I don't have any affiliation with the author or publishers. I am only writing this because I found their book good.

    #2 Syllabus is strictly according to CBSE, which is good for JEE (CBSE makes JEE mains).

    #3 Like I said above, they stick to the syllabus and explain it properly. For example, in P-block, if ncert book provides a trend, say melting point trend, they will state the fact and leave, or explain it in a few lines. These guys will thorough explain that on the basis of knowledge from past chapters (periodic properties, atomic structure, chemical bonding). This made P-block elements chapter easy for me (except for the reactions — I think we have to memorize those :/ ).

    #4 Lots of common mistakes and tips are given.

    #5 I saw lots (and I do mean LOTS) of solved examples.

    #6 Extra tips/material for competitive exams are given in a separate section.

    #7 Solutions to NCERT questions and competitive exam problems are given.

    #8 Finally, the book is very well organised.

    Note that I bought this book 4-5 years ago (belonged to my elder brother) and it may be hard to find it now, but it's a great book (at least the chemistry book which I read was great) if you can find it.

    EDIT: It occurred to me that some people might get scared of this book knowing that it has so much to read. To them, I'd say that the experience would be kind of like reading a novel — if you can understand a book, you can read it with ease, no matter how long.

  2. Sir can you tell me how to management for board exam and IIT exam in class 11 to 12 study it means together study board exam and IIT exam and tuition in 2 years
    Self study at home

  3. Kya sir, clickbating types video dalte ho.
    Everything said in this video is right but there is no so called secret of cracking IIT.
    There is no Baba ji ki buty for success .


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