Setting Your GRE Prep Strategy: A Veritas Prep Workshop - Videos


Planning to take the GRE exam but not sure where to start? In this workshop, one of the Veritas Prep’s most experienced instructors will give you an overview of this challenging exam, and turn difficult GRE questions into important takeaways using a combination of critical thinking, psychology, humor, and a lot of know-how.

This workshop is led by David Newland, one of Veritas Prep’s expert GRE instructors. If you’re interested in signing up for a GRE course with David (or to learn more about Veritas Prep’s other GRE prep services), visit the Veritas Prep website at:

Want to try a GRE class for free? Register for a trial course at:

Have additional questions for us? Email [email protected] or call us at 1.800.925.7737 and one of our friendly course advisors would be happy to help you out.


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