Sexual reproduction in flowering plants class 12 | female reproductive structures | for NEET exam - Videos


Sexual reproduction in flowering plants | female reproductive structures | NCERT, NEET biology- This CBSE Biology class 12 video lecture explains the details about the sexual reproduction in flowering plants especially the structure of female reproductive structures in plant and the role of female reproductive structures. This lecture states the advantages of sexual reproduction and the process of double fertilization in plants. Stay tuned and watch this video lecture to know how plants reproduce and make daughter plants with the help of this video lecture. This is Chapter 2 Class 2 from the NCERT book of class 12 biology.
Stay tuned for more NCERT class 12 biology lectures which will be beneficial for the preparation of NEET and AIPMT exams for medical entrance.
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Thank you for watching the CBSE biology class 12 lecture on Sexual reproduction in animals and plants for the preparation of NEET medical entrance exam.



  1. vrey nice explanation. sir plzz do 1 help of me plzz explain "determination of purity and activity of over expression protein". if u r not able to make video on it soon so plzz explain me at comments plzz it is request from your subscriber


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