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Video at my home (IV).
I had dropped a year for JEE. So, this video brings out all the factors that should be taken into consideration for taking a drop. These are my reviews on dropping a year for your target and should be taken as an advice only.
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  1. Sir I have a problem…many of my peers told me to do cengage books to crack JEE ADVANCED… it true?…or I shall continue to solve Arihant books …please tell sir…

  2. I lie in the 50-80 category I messed up mains if I get two times next year which is about 120marks still I l get a seat in NIT Coz I am frm SC category..what should I do

  3. sir, i like your videos very much,but i suffered a lot last yr cz of poor health(bronchial asthama sinusitis and allergies) due to which i scored less than 100 in JEE Mains, now i am in much better health and i have the determination to work hard and do well, i ve taken Etoos india coaching and FIITJEE Test series, i just want your good luck for me.Thank you very much sir please reply soon.

  4. I've never been involved in coding till now and even I didn't opt CS in 11th and 12th but I do engineering through CS/IT. Taking this into consideration should I take Undergraduate course (4 year) or Integrated postgraduate course (5 year)? Please suggest me and give reasons also. PLEASE!

  5. I started off sincere in 11th but after 2-3 months I stopped self-studying completely. I used to attend coaching regularly and take notes but never actually tried to study them myself later and never solved any questions.
    At the end, I got totally distracted in Movies and stuff.
    I got 86 in Jee Mains and I got 109 in Jee advanced and I haven’t appeared for any other exams.
    I believe that this year I might be able to study and prepare well.
    Should I take a drop?

  6. You are great bhaiya . I will have to drop 😭. I can't compromise when I know I am deserving . But I feel so low right now ….. I mean with my friends going to IITs and NITs , I feel lost . There's a part of me that says that I must go for nit but there's other side of me that has a dream …… I know you won't reply and there's nothing you can do to help me directly . But I really wish there could be a motivational video for droppers . Your words are truly healing . I am totally grief struck . I messed my paper 😭 . My year goes waste . There are no words that can describe the extent of pain I feel right now . I am quite hyper sensitive and it's not so easy to walk on …… I wish someone could help . 😭 .

  7. Sir i am getting BITS dual degree (all campuses eligible) .
    I have scored 125 marks in jee advanced and my jee mains rank is 47914.
    Sir should i take a drop or go for dual degree.

  8. I got 135 marks in mains. I am not qualified in Jee advanced. I got 206 in bitsat. Also, I messed up all other exams that I gave. Should I drop ? Another thing is that I am getting nit due to my category. What should I do ?

  9. Sir I am in 12th and as my 11th is not good so I am expecting to get a score around 60-70's in mains 2019.So I want to take a drop without joining any coaching institute and just studying from online sources because of financial problems.Presently I am doing schooling and also separate tuition of each three subjects of boards level.So what would you suggest me.Should I drop or not?

  10. Bhaiya, I have qualified IIT but not getting good streams in the old ones. So I have decided to get admitted in the top NIT CSE stream and study simultaneously for JEE next year. This way it acts as a backup plan. Is this plan good? Is there a better plan?


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