Simple Harmonic Motion 1 Oscillation Intro by Aayudh Sir NEET JEE CLASS 11 INSPIRE INSTITUTE tricks - Videos


Hi Students
Here’s the screenshot of the today’s lecture

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SHM is one the most conceptual chapters I have as a teacher as well student come across. This chapter boosts your problem solving skills with infinetly many combinations of concept from complete syllabus.. Also the chapter is not retained for a long period and requires frequent review sessions if not studied in a proper manner. All these problems will be solved after this video.

I try to make this chapter as less as mathematical as possible with
innovative ideas which I used to use while studying. Learning will become fun and your will enjoy it. Just Keep updated with my videos and every exam will become a child’s play.

If you have high inspirations but no one to guide. Contact Aayudh sir, founder and director of INSPIRE INSTITUTE also know as MASTER of MNEMONICS in Indore. He is your no. 1 guru who can guarantee your smooth journey in becoming a IITian or Doctor.

Call or WhatsApp 8871185554, 8770952514
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