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Verb ke 4 forms mein se 2nd Form / 2nd Principal Part Of Verb (V2) hai = the past (Specific- Simple Past ).

Simple Past – Simple Past Verb Form aapko batata hai actions/events ke baare mein jo past mein already complete ho chuki hai .
Formula : Base Form of verb + -ed/-d/-t/etc
e.g escape + d = escaped

Sentence e.g = He watched the movie till the end :
Watched = watch karneka kaam already khatam ho chuka tha

Yahi definition Past Participle ki hai . Toh in dono mein exactly kya difference hai aur kis form ko kab use karna hai – yeh hum iss video mein sikhenge . Toh overall iss video mein hum cover karenge :

1. What is Simple Past Verb Form?
2. Uses of Simple Past Verb
3. Difference between Simple Past Verb & Past participle with examples
4. How to convert Base Form of verb in Simple Past Verb for Regular as well as Irregular verbs
5.Test – at the end of the video to clarify
a) Simple Past Verb form
b) All 4 Principal Parts of Verb covered in this Video Series

Yeh sab cover karneke baad Simple Past Verb ke baare mein aap se koi neend mein puchega toh bhi aap unhe bilkul satik uttar de paayenge . Iss Concept ke master bun-ney ke liye iss video ko aakhir tak jarur dekhe.

Agar aap baaki bache hue Principal Parts of Verb sikhna chahte hai toh click kijiye niche di gayi links par : Behtar understanding ke liye aap di gayi sequence mein Videos dekhe :
Part 1 : Third Person Singular Simple Present (1st principal part of verb (V1))

Part 2 : Participle : (Yeh 3rd aur 4th Pincipal parts ko samajhne ke kaam aaega)

Part 2a. Present Participle (ing form of Verb)- ( 4th principal part of verb(V4))

Part 2b: Past Participle (3rd principal part of verb (V3))

Part 3: Simple Past (2nd principal part of verb (V2)) & difference between Past Participle ,Simple Past

About the Channel : High On Vocab
This channel has been created with a motive to help you learn 5 new English words(through Hindi)with every new video while having fun .These words will help you crack exams like GRE, SAT, IELTS,MBA Entrance Exams, IBPS Exams i.e Bank PO/SO/Clerk/RRB, Government Job Exams SSC CGL ,etc .
We use Mnemonic technique (associating words with pictures,patterns,etc) , Etymology (root and history of word), Verb Conjugation(how to use verb as per subject and tense of sentence) , how to use word in a given sentence and a test at the end of the video.This whole packaged pattern will definitely help you remember the words for the exams you are desperate to crack – sure thing !! BUT this knowledge of words will help you build mastery over English – which will last you for a Lifetime!!
The above video is a part of Video Series to understand Verb Conjugation – called 4 Principal Parts/4 Forms of Verb i.e it covers every possible form of verb which will be used throughout English Language. Don’t forget to check out all 5 videos to become a Verb Master or should I say a Verb Wizard!



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