In this video i am describing a very easy and non confusing method to solve difficult seating arrangement high level questions in very less time and with accuracy. Most of the exams including SBI PO, IBPS,CLERK, RAILWAYS,SSC CGL, LIC,RAILWAYS, RBI and other competitive exams consist of questions from this topic and many students facing difficulty while solving such questions. So i tried to make the task easier. You will definitely find change in your speed and accuracy while solving these type of questions

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  1. I am having problem in solving a puzzle of Night class Reasoning Quiz 20.02.2017. 8 boxes P R ST U V W X placed top to bottom containing different flavours of cake…..
    Kindly solve this puzzle in video sir.. it's very difficult .

  2. sir yha pe jo ap P ko O ke sath adda kiye hai usme esa bhi toh ho sakta hai ki P us person se relate kare jo ki company Y mein work kar raha hai fir esa ku ni hua….sir its too much difficult….plz reply me i need ur help….

  3. Eight persons-P, Q, R, S, T, U, V and W like different subjects-English, Hindi, Maths, Science, Social science, Fishery science, Literature, History and Psychology but not necessarily in the same order. They like different colors among-red, white, grey, black and green. They also like different cars-Austin, Bentley, Porsche, Jaguar and Bugatti. Each car is liked by atleast one person but not more than two persons like the same car. Also each color is liked by atleast one person but not more than two persons like the same color. S and V are the only ones who like same car and same color. The one who likes Psychology does not like Jaguar or Bugatti. T likes science and likes a color which is not liked by another other person and that color is not black. V does not like Fishery sciences. One of the persons who like red likes Jaguar. Also Q does not like red as well as Jaguar. The one who likes literature likes the car liked by no one else. The one who likes history likes white which is not liked by anyone other than him. Porsche is only liked by the person liking English and is not Q. R likes Austin but does not like red. W does not like Jaguar. People who like grey like Bentley and Porsche. P and W like the same color. The persons liking Austin don’t like black and one of the persons liking Austin likes Maths.

    sir plz solve this

  4. Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions. 
    Eight friends Sagar, Rohan, Manu, Raghu, Anjali, Vidhi, Prakash and Akansha are sitting around a square table in such a way that four of them sit at four corners while four sit in the middle of each of the four sides, but not necessarily in the same order. Each one of them like different colours viz. Green, Yellow, Black, Purple, Pink, White, Orange and Red. The one who sit in the middle of the sides face the centre while those who sit at the four corners face outside(i.e opposite to the centre). All friends are carring their wallets in which some money is kept. 
    Prakash sits third to the right of Anjali. The 2nd right of the one who likes black , having 2500 rs more from sagar.The one who faces the centre likes Green Colour. The one who sits diagonally opposite from the one who likes black color, having 600 rs more from vidhi. Anjali sits on one of the corners of the table. Rohan does not like yellow. The one who likes black colour is one of the immediate neighbours of Vidhi. The one who likes purple color having 200 rs more from his immediate right. The immediate right of Anjali , having 2000rs more from the one who likes purple color. Sagar having 1000rs more from the one who likes red. The one who likes green colour sits immediate left of the person one who likes black colour. Only one person sits between Raghu and Prakash. Rohan is one of the immediate neighbours of Raghu. The one who faces the outside of the centre likes Pink Colour. The one who likes Purple faces the Prakash. The persons who like Orange and White sit next to each other. Anjali does not like Pink. Manu sits second to the right of Rohan. Only three persons sit between Rohan and Sagar. The 2nd left of the one who faces the one who likes green has 500rs less money from vidhi. Akansha sits to the immediate right of Sagar. The total money of the ones who like pink and yellow color is 7700 rs. The persons who like Yellow and Pink sit on the corners and opposite to each other. The person who likes Orange sits immediate right of the person who likes Red. The one who sits diagonally opposite from the one who likes black color, having 600 rs more from vidhi. The immediate right of the one who likes pink, having 2500 rs in wallet. sir please provide solution for this one because solution provided in the adda 247 seems to be wrong and not fulfilling the given criteria

  5. Hi Sir.. your way of explanation is too good.. thanku so much for that. I have one query regarding this question.. while explaining about blood relation part you joined P(-) as O,s wife because we know O's wife is female and also P is female.. but by that time we dont know the gender of M.. so there is also a chance for 'M' being wife of 'O'. Im confused and didnt get that point. Could you please let me know how did you join them exactly without considering M's gender. I will be very thankful to you if you clear my doubt 😀


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