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Apart from some cliche advice given for solving of the JEE and Medical examination papers; let’s learn about some of the many ways of attempting an exam.
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Kindly follow me there and get a new video there everyday on Organic Chemistry. I shall be dealing with all the chapters properly in a sequential manner along with all the reagents and multiple examples. My plan is to take full organic chemistry from 1st January to 10th February.



  1. Thanks Bhaiya !!!!! You are the BEST !!!!!!!
    Bhaiya if I want to buy your haloalkane and haloarene notes then how I will be able to get it ??????
    Happy new year Bhaiya !!!!!
    And please give some tips for mathematics jee mains !!!!!!

  2. Thank u so much for this video and all the videos u upload actually it helps a lot understand the actual concept related to it instead of just solving gives the confidence to solve the difficult problems to thanks a lot

  3. bhaiya i need your advise . only three month are left yet i have not done anything in chemistry plz help me how should i start my preparation so that i will be able to secure good mark in jee. your advise will save my one year plz


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