Solving UPSC Prelims 2018 Mock Paper Live – Technique and Analysis by Deepanshu Singh - Videos


Surprise test at Unacademy – Live UPSC Prelims Mock Paper being solved – How many can you answer correctly?
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In this episode, we have one of our most loved educators – Deepanshu Singh. He will solve the entire paper in one go – he will explain his approach while tackling the questions – from the easiest ones to the most tricky ones. Must watch for all UPSC Prelims 2018 aspirants to learn the technique of clearing the Prelims 2018 exam by understanding how to analyze the paper and decide your attempt based on the difficulty of the paper.

Learn how an expert derives the correct option, how you relate different topics to reach the correct answer and finally how to decide when you should leave a question. A must watch episode for all IAS 2018 aspirants.
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  1. Sir my handwriting is Too bad so I am so scared because due to these reasons I passed 12th in 2016 with second devision Please tell me about it….and also am not sharp minnded… But with labour I could do that…..

    Should I prepare fore upsc with these weakness?

  2. How is India 33rd member of IRENA? It's 77th i guess and deepanshu sir got this wrong…….. happens especially for a surprise test. waiting to see ROMAN sir to take surprise test and see how he performs. WHEN IS HE TAKING THE TEST?

  3. Analysis of the answers are missing.. N also which r the correct questions because I too attempted the questions pausing the video…now how can I calculate which r the correct ones n which I gave wrong answer

  4. Wow, this is interesting approach.Learning with Fun.Moreover helping large number of aspirants at large.Keep it up guys.
    Nice work @deepanshu and @Unacademy.

  5. probably this paper is by roman resembling upsc unlike test series of institutions. the options provided are in his style please do provide few more papers in PDF format .do consider test series for 2109 with these kind of papers

  6. Can anyone explains Q. 14
    Deepanshu Sir has marked correct Option D – both 1 & 3 but I think, Statement 1 is incorrect.
    Since Either 100 members of LS “OR" 50 Members of RS are required to sign the proposal of impeachment of CJI.


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