Sonali Bank & Janata Bank Senior Officer (IT/ICT) Written Math solution Exam Date: 30-06-2018 - Videos


Sonali Bank & Janata Bank Senior Officer (IT/ICT) Written Math solution
Exam Date: 30-06-2018

6. A bag contains 75 rod. 35 are blue and 25 of these blue rods are twisted at the bottom. The rest of them are red and 30 of the red ones are twisted. The rods that are not twisted are clear. What is the probability of drawing?
a. A blue rod from the box
b. A clear rod from the box
c. A blue, twisted rod
d. A red, clear rod
e. A twisted rod

7. a. The sum of a race time of two runners is 170 seconds. One of the runners took ten seconds less twice the other to complete the race. What is the race time of each runner?
b. Sakib is twice as old as Fahim. Four year ago Sakib was six years younger than three times of the Fahim’s age at that time. How old will they be in two years from now?

8. a. Four students contributed in charity drive and average amount contributed by each student was BDT 20. If no student gave more than BDT25. What is the minimum amount that any student could have contributed?
b. The sum of 15 consecutive integers is 88. What is the largest of this integer?

9. Solve the inequalities
a. x2-12x+20 0
b. x2-13x+40 0

10. a. A school has 40 rooms that can sit 600 people. Some rooms can sit 10 people and some can sit 20 people. What is the ratio of the number of 10-person room to the number of 20-person room?
b. Out of 85 football players, 42 have scored a goal and 54 have received a yellow card. If 5 players do not do either, what fraction of the players scored a goal and received a yellow card as well.

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