SOT-Half Angle formula-IIT JEE Mains/Advanced 2018-online maths lecture by Mohit Tyagi - Videos


theory and derivation for half angle formula also this video contains illustration based on it.IIT JEE mains and advanced 2018/2019



  1. Thank you sir… I am writing jee this year…i have watched almost all of your playlists…i was able to solve the advanced Archive with ease… Thank you so much sir…. I will surely meet you with very good results soon sir…. ( P. S. i am from FIITJEE Chennai 😁😁😁)

  2. Biggest regret of my life I found ur channel in January 18 ,and I am a dropper…,sir I had became a big fan of yours after watching ur vedios ……
    Sir may I ask where do u teach currently….
    at last
    a big big big thanks sirr….hope if we would meet someday…..

  3. Sir as per my family if i dont get into IIT I'll not be able to do anything in my life n plus they say there is no future without iit is it true that without IIT there is no future… Is it there pressure or is it true… N now m in 11th n i have 1 year left in my hand is it possible in 1 year to get in IIT provided that m good in mathematics N chemistry

  4. Sir I( from jaipur) am writing jee this year without any coching I feel maths as a hard subject in 11 but after study from videos I can handle many question of even advance great thank to you


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