Special learning sessions 8 – IIM SureShot 2018 – The Bitcoin wonder - Videos


We are happy to present the eighth in a series of 10 to be released special session from our IIM SureShot batch 2018. Learn and grow!



  1. Bitcoin is a virtual peer to peer currency that depends on the computational power and capabilities of its users and the miners..
    as the user base increases and everyone wants a piece of it, the users constantly trade on it that is they buy and sell on it to decide its value on the cryptocurrency exchange…&
    the miners constantly deploy decrypting hardware and software to grab a piece of it…

    note that the total computational power of the current technology that is being user to mine bitcoin has almost reached a quantum level … however as GPU technology progresses , more mining shall take place until it sees a slow curve of development in computation…hence at that point the total number of bitcoins shall become stable..

  2. Bitcoin is a virtual currency…which is not govern by any statutary body..this is higly risky currency…The demand of bitcoin has increasing day by day that is why the rate of bitcoin is going up

  3. Dutch tulip mania was phenomenon observed in earlier 17th century when tulips ( belonging to central Asia) became symbolic representation of status in societies of Netherlands. A "bubble" situation was created with confluence of demand and price. They were willing to pay money unconditionally for such a modest flower . After prices skyrocketed, it just takes few years for prices to be plunged and the bubble got busted .

  4. Bitcoin is a protocurency which is decentralised currency and run by contribution of its independent users. Because it is decentralised, it is very easy for trading across the globe. All the transaction of the Bitcoin is encrypted which requires hight powered and high graphic computer which used as mining.

  5. Satiso Monotata, a virtual name who is considered as the father of bit coin. After one or two year from the date of creation, this guy was totally out of transaction and nobody* actually know who he is.
    *Might be popular in any arcane society.,

  6. Bitcoin is a digital currency. It is created, used, stoned – all digitally

    The concept of such a currency was introduced in 2008 by a pseudonymous programmer – who called it a P2P (Peer to Peer) electronic payment system. His/Her pseudonym is satoshi nakamoto


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