Special Problems of Aromaticity – By Vineet Khatri - Videos


This concept is explained concisely by IITian Faculty.

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  1. Sir I didn't get why BuLi will attack the carbon you mentioned in the solution.
    Why won't it just undergo electrophilic addition by classical carbocation mechanism?How to predict reaction with unknown reagents like this?

  2. Sir please start taking long series type problems which are very commonly asked in jee.Also please sir upload videos of organic and inorganic both everyday.These are of a lot of help.

  3. Sir Can I get Above 70% in Chemistry if I solve each and every question of Chemistry from previous year IIT questions and cram the inorganic chemistry of ncert by heart? Will that be sufficient for 75%?

  4. Very nice video sir thank u very much it cleared many doubts and sir one request is there,
    SIR please upload or make organized playlist of all the alcohol reactions(videos) of organic chemistry.. please sir do as soon as possible..

  5. sir plz make a video on the organic reagents ex oxidizing / reducing etc… and how they react in the presence of other groups for ex if lialh4 is taken we all know that it is good R.A.and reduces aldehyde /ketones to enol and alcohol BUT WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF THEIR IS ANOTHERGROUP PRESENT IN SAME COMPOUND SUCH AS CYNIDE /ETHER/ ESTER THEN LIALH4 WILL REACT WITH WHOM 1ST ???


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