Speed Maths (Part 7) (based on Vedic Maths) by Ruchi Chhabra - Videos


In this video series , some magical tricks of calculations based on Vedic Maths are explained.
These fast calculations tricks are essential for entrance exams of different University courses, competitive exams like CAT, Bank PO, Maths Olympiad, SAT, MAT, NTSE, NSD, NDA, NIFT etc
In every competitive exam we get one or two questions based on counting squares,rectangles and triangles. Counting directly is very time consuming and chances of mistakes are also high.This video is based on short tricks of counting such squares, rectangles and triangles very easily without pen and paper.Speed Maths 8 is continuation of speed Maths 7. If you find this video useful , please don’t forget to like, subscribe and share with friends. Thankyou

You can view the the entire playlist at: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLd4xyAIhoYkBk52Em7xO1JYwLmoqhKULo

Link to watch the sixth part of this video series:

To find out more about Ruchi Chhabra go to the link: https://ruchichhabra.com/about/

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