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  1. It is I who is responsible for the delay–

    I will break the sentence into 2 clauses.

    1.. It is I –
    In this sentence “is” is the verb. “It” is the subject and “I” is the subjective complement (as it refers to the subject). That is the reason why we use the nominative case and not the objective case.

    2.. who is responsible for delay –
    The second clause is “who is responsible for delay”. “Who” here is the relative pronoun as it joins the 2 sentences and refers to the pronoun “I”(it’s antecedent) and also the subject of the clause. Now as per the subject-verb agreement, the verb will agree with the subject in number and person. In this question the confusion arises by the fact that “I” and “who” both are used and according to which one will the verb take its form. But as already mentioned above, here the subject of the verb is who. So the verb will be used according to the subject. So here the verb will be “is” rather than “am”.

  2. ques no 8.
    u can't have a holiday on seaside..u spend ur holiday over there.having holiday mean chutti hona ..yha chutti mnane ki sense h..i think spending is correct in this sentence..anyone has any other explanation or ans..let me know


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