SSC 2018 Forms Invite Protests Over Mandatory ‘Religion Column’ | Is Religious Affiliation In SSC Required? - News


SSC 2018 forms have invited the wrath of many parents protesting over the ‘religion column’ in the SSC forms which has been made mandatory to be filled. SSC which here stands for Secondary School Certificate under the Maharashtra State Education Board has made a ‘religion column’ mentioned in the form which is made mandatory for the parents of the children appearing for the SSC March 2018 examination. This has raised many questions and eyebrows in question as to the requirement of this kind of religious affiliation in SSC forms at school levels for the kids and their parents. No other form, other than the SSC forms has this sort of a religious affiliation column which makes it all the more humiliating.

Religion Column in SSC 2018 Forms |…

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