SSC MTS 21 October 2017 all questions !! SSC MTS EXAM !!1st shift GK question,all important - Videos


Ssc mts question paper asked today 21/10/2017- ssc mts 21 October 2017 Morning shift question paperSSC MTS 21 October 2017 all questions !! SSC MTS EXAM !!1st shift GK question,all important16 october ssc mts morning shift exam paper analysis and review | first slot
Ssc mts 21oct afternoon shift exam review and discussion
SSC MTS 21 October 1st shift 2017 all questions !! SSC MTS EXAM !! 1st shift GK question,in this video all important question are discuss about ssc mts exam paper and we will provide all ssc mts exam shifts question so please share my video and expore knowledge.

Ssc mts 21 oct , morning shift paper solution || first shit 21/10/2017,2nd shift ssc mts 4 oct , morning shift paper solution || first shit 21/10/2017,1stSSC MTS 2017 || Gk Questions 4 October || SSC MTS EXAM 2017 1nd shift,By Bahubali conceptSSC EXAM 3 October 2017 ALL SHIFT ANALYSIS
MOST IMPORTANT DAY AND DATES FOR SSC MTS EXAM 12 october 2017,17oct,18oct,19oct,21oct.

In this this vedio i share most and best important day and dates for upcoming SSC MTS EXAM 2017,friends if you lIke our study material so plz subscribe our channel and dont forget to press ?? icon to get notifications of our channel upcoming vedios,and keep stay with us for more informative study material thanks.
now tatal max mark in ssc mts 2017 exam is 150 marks
In this vedio we will learn most important GK General knowledge question with answer which already ask in previous year SSC CGL,SSC CHSL & SSC MTS EXAM,there is lots of possibility of these question may be ask in your upcoming exam,if you want to clear this SSC MTS 2017 exam so watch our all vedios which is given in SSC PLAYLIST of my channel.…,…

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  1. third shift mts question
    उत्तरी गोलार्द्ध मे सबसे बड़ा दिन मनाया जाता है कब
    बुक freedom in exile कौन लिखा है
    gastric juice का ph मान कितना होता है
    related जननी सुरक्षा योजना

  2. SSC MTS 21 October
    First Shift

    PradhanMantri Gram Sadak Yojna comes under which ministry?
    Author of "Worshipping false gods"?
    Who discovered Nitrous Oxide(Laughing Gas)?
    Khanjar joint military exercise?
    Court poet of HarshaVardhan?
    Bandhani is a tie-due textile of which State?
    Which city is known as "Mecca of Indian Football"?
    Who makes law in India?
    President /CJI /Parliament /Governor
    Distance between the Earth and the moon?
    Arunachal Pradesh-Kutch distance?
    Pulitzer prize winner 2017?
    Classification of Algae depends upon?
    Who performed successful experiments on nuclear fusion/nucleus?
    Which of the following contains acid?
    Apple Juice/Slaked lime/quick like
    One question about Momentum(P)
    Ecosystem bounded by Water?
    In which year the Swadeshi movement was started?
    Rivers included in Indus Water Treaty?
    Constitution adopted by India?
    26 November 1949
    Venn diagram –Snake,Reptiles,Crocodile.

    The average of 11 numbers is 88, If one number which is 12 is subtracted then,what is the new average?

    Movement × steady
    Idiom:Bag and baggage
    Ball in your court
    Cloze test on former President Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam


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