Statement and Assumption Best Trick to Solve for SBI PO| IBPS PO Bank PO | In Hindi - Videos


Statement and Assumption are important topics of Critical Reasoning that asks in Bank PO or SBI PO. In this video i am explaining How you can solve these puzzles based problems very easily and smartly. So watch the video till the end and you will know the whole concept.
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  1. solve this

    In Delhi University, there are six friends who live in same building of hostel. Those six friends are K , L , O , M , N and P live in eight different floors of building (but not necessarily in the same order). Two of the floors in the building are vacant. The lowermost floor of the building is numbered one, the one above that is numbered two, and so on till the topmost floor is numbered eight. Each one of them also likes a different brands of shoes, namely Adidas, Lee cooper, Reebok, Bata, Puma and NIKE (but not necessarily in the same order).
    The number of floors above O is same as the number of floors between O and M.
    There are two persons live between those who like Sonia and the one who lives immediate below from K.
    The one who lives on even number floor and a multiple of 6 likes Obama.
    O lives an odd numbered floor above the floor numbered four.
    There are three people live between the two vacant floors.
    Only three floors between M and the one who likes Bata.
    The one who lives on odd number floor likes Modi and Nitishbut the one who likes modi lives above the one who likes Nitish.
    The one who likes Puma lives immediately above P.
    Only three floors between P and K.
    The one who likes NIKE lives immediately above the one who likes Adidas.
    L lives immediately above the one who likes Reebok.
    The number of floors between O and the one who likes LEE COOPER is only one.
    The one who likes LEE COOPER immediately below the one of the vacant floors.
    The floor number of the vacant floors are even – number.
    Only two floors are there between the one who likes NIKE and Bata.
    L lived immediately below the one of the vacant floors and not on the ground floor.
    L neither lived on floor number 5 nor floor number 3.
    The one who likes Lee cooper live on one of the floors below the floor number 4.
    M likes Akhilesh.
    There are three floor between the one who like Rahul and Reebok.

  2. very nice sir but there was example of either-or case. kindly add that in next video also if u can bring up a video on cause and course or action. plz add either or case in that. hope to get the reqursted videos sonn sir. thank u u are doing a great work sir.

  3. sir blocking someone on FB group is not the solution. you should see why some one is posting a link of a particular mock. it's all because it was free. so students who can't afford it can take it.

  4. सर प्लीज मुझे क्वेश्चन प्रैक्टिस के लिए कोण सी बुक लेनी चाहिए।अलग अलग या सिर्फ कोई कॉमन बुक लून।प्लीज रिप्लाई करें।आई ऍम कन्फ्यूज्ड विथ राइटर्स।

  5. your videos are vevry very helpful for us…
    sir i request you for the making lecture on LCM , it will take more time to solve question by me…
    for calculation of LCM we have to use copy and pen..
    please tell me how to calculate sharp in mind without copy and pen….
    please sir….??

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  7. Nine friends A , B, C, D, E, F, G, H, and I are living in a same building of nine floor counting from one to nine. Ground floor is numbered 1 and so on . They all like different colour i.e plum, cyan, magenta, maroon, azure, crimson, chartreuse, pink, and grey but not necessarily in the same order. There are three floors between A and I, who likes azure colour. H likes magenta colour and lives immediately above the floor on which A lives. There is only one floor between H and G, who likes maroon colour. F likes cyan colour and lives below the floor on which G lives. F does not live on even number floor. There is only two floors between F and E, who likes plum colour. B likes pink colour and lives below the floor on which F lives. B lives on even number floor. There is as many as floor between B and one, who like crimson colour and between A and C . A does not like chartreuse colour. G doesn't live on top most floor.


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