Subject wise approach and tips for 11th class to prepare for NEET| AIR 3 | Manish Mulchandani - Videos


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Here Manish Mulchandani (NEET AIR – 3) is telling Preparation strategy for 11th class students aiming for NEET.
He is talking about following topics:
1. Subject wise approach for 11th class for NEET.
2. How to be motivated in 11th class for NEET.
3. How to make a strong base from 11th class for NEET.

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  1. Sir please increase frequency of AIIMS videos, & Add few more questions like
    1. How many Questions you have fill in omr in AIIMS CBT exam
    2. How to prepare for GK
    3. Physics preparation for AIIMS
    4 Organic preparation for AIIMS
    5. How can AIIMS aspirants manage their time
    6. Most imp, Anyone can Delhi AIIMS without joining coaching.


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