Sum of Interior Angles of a Polygon | CAT Geometry - Videos


In this video, our lead instructor, Anton Menezes will teach you how to find the sum of interior angles of a polygon using shadow line technique. You’ll also learn to derive the formula to find the sum of interior angles of a polygon.

No Sweat Series: Geometry

You just learned a Geometry concept the right way. Most often, we are satisfied with memorizing a given property or formula for a concept. We find it unnecessary to dig in a little deeper and understand the underlying logic that is involved. But especially in the case of Geometry, studying the proof of concepts helps you get a much better understanding of the concept and this understanding gives you more perception, and visual understanding when it comes to solving problems in Geometry. So yes, next time you learn a Geometry concept, learn it right. Not only learn the definition of the concept – but also its proof.

At Magnus Prep, we have compiled all Geometry concepts required for CAT, and all of these are explained from the very basics in the form of video lessons. If you want access to these lessons, then click on the link below to know how to get them.

No Sweat Series: Geometry



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