SUPER-5 questions of percentage (moderate) for ssc cgl, cpo, cds, nda cat by gagan pratap - Videos

426 complete playlist of Geometry ? enjoy and learn



  1. 3rd ques ….15% of 40% .=6% ये a से b की तरफ गये यानी 40 मे से 6 b के पास गये,,और 60का25% =15 लोग a की तरफ गये a=40-6+15 ,b=60-15+6 ,,,,,तब सही होगा
    40%का15% ,,,,आप 60% मे कैसे add कर सकते है क्यों की 60%का 15% कुछ और होगा

  2. Dear Gagan sir, I remember you have promised that you will cover questions of hard series about 2000-2500 before the main exam but you are doing only 5qes/day if we calculate then we get the ques is 150ques/month . we have only 5 months then we will cover only 750ques I think this is not enough for main so I kindly request you pls respond us pls…


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