Super Question of SHM by Shirish Kumbhar-IITJEE concepts in Hindi - Videos


Shirish Kumbhar Sir SRK sir is graduate from IIT Roorkee. As being a MotorSports Enthusiast , he has represented IIT Roorkee in One of most tough Motorsports competition “Formula Student UK” held in England.

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  1. Sir bahut hi accha concept building question tha….
    ek doubt hai, ham kaisa keh sakta hai ka initially A pe hain because question me kuch veocity ke comment ni kiya hain…

    sir plz doubt clear kar dijye ga

    #ATPians! WANT MORE OF THESE questions…sir please upload….

  2. sir answer should be 240 degree because 120 degree par pehli baar aaya phir 120 degree ke baad wapas aayega aur wo time period hoga jaise simple wale mein ghoom ke aata hai jab time period hota hai

  3. Modern physics is the most asked part from physics in jee!!
    Make a video on at least difficult concepts of atomic and nuclear physics. E.g. Effect of elastic and non elastic collision of electrons in Hydrogen atom. Nuclear forces and X-rays.
    Aa far as jee advanced is considered at least 5 questions from modern is for sure.

    One more difficult part is rolling combined with work energy theorem, as seen in old jee questions.

    Surface tension, excess pressure and capillary rise along with its properties is a bouncer concept for most of the students.

    Request you to please make video on these topics, you are a great teacher , awesome explanatory skills.


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