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Hello guys, today we are going to discuss two important theorems of permutation and combination including some JEE ADAVANCED level problems. If you observe the pattern of questions of recent year JEE questions from P & C then you won’t wanna miss this particular topic at all.
Firstly we have discussed actual definition of permutation and combination. Permutation is number of ways of arranging n different objects taken some at a time. Combination is number of ways of selection of some objects out of n different objects.
An important noted to be here is that order of occurance does matter in case of permutation while it doesn’t matter in case of combination.
Later we have discussed the number of permutations and combination of r different objects out of n different objects. We have discussed the mathematical relation between permutation and combination as well.
After explaining the theorems and methods we have discussed some previous year jee mains and advanced questions and some other jee advanced problems with some quick methods.
Here are the questions explained in video lecture-
Q1. Let S = {1, 2, 3, ……, 9}. For k = 1, 2,……,5, let Nk be the number of subsets of S, each containing five elements out of which exactly k are odd. Then N1 + N2 + N3 + N4 + N5 = [JEE ADV. 2017]
Ans. 126
Q2. From 6 different novels and 3 different dictionaries, 4 novels and 1 dictonary are to be selected and arranged in a row on a shelf so that the dictionary is always in the middle. The number of such arrangements is : [JEE Mains-18]
Ans. 1080
Q3. A debate club consists of 6 girls and 4 boys. A team of 4 members is to be selected from this club including the selection of a captain (from among these 4 members) for the team. If the team has to include at most one boy, then the number of ways of selecting the team is [JEE Adv 2016]
Ans. 380

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