Syllogism New Pattern,Reasoning for SBI PO, IBPS CLERK, IBPS PO, SBI CLERK, LIC AAO, CAT - Videos


In this video, I will teach you how you can solve new pattern of Syllogism questions in which conclusions are given, and we have to find out the statements from which the conclusions can be drawn.

Syllogism is a verbal reasoning type problem, which is an important topic and is frequently asked in many competitive examinations (Bank Po, Clerk,CAT,MAT and many more)  in the Reasoning Section.



  1. 1. All pencil are ink
    Some pen is pencil
    Conclusion: a)all ink being pen is a possibility
    b) all pencil being pen is a possibility.

    2. All spoons are bowls.
    Some bowls are plate.
    Conclusion :a)all spoons being plate is a possibility
    b) all plate being bowls is a possibility.

    3.some bananas are apple.
    Some apples are mango.
    Conclusion :a)no mango is banana.v
    b)some bananas being mango is a possibility. ..

    please sir solve this question….i m unable to solve

  2. thank you very much sir…keep motivating us..and sir SBI PO base pr new pattern wale questions krwana..coz sbi wale every year ku6 change krte h or then rest all exams follow this pattern

  3. thank you sir Thank you very very much??sir! I have a request.please sir make a same video for new pattern based "coding decoding"like this,which pattern can be asked.

  4. plz solve this one of which logically follow
    conclusion: 1)al rings r diamonds
    stmt: all rings r jewelleries 2)al diamonds being rings is a possibility
    all jewlries e diamonds 3)some toys r not rings
    no ring is a toy 4)al baskets is a posibility
    some toys r baskets 5)al rings being basket is a posibility


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