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Join us live as we discuss the research of Jynx Cat and her findings in interviewing adults and children on their opinion of the effect and the strange differences that can be observed between those who notice the effect and those who don’t. Also, the commonalities between those who do see.

Jynx Cat Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy4AhtKfYNZ5HDX6lqS_Jsw



  1. What about the M.E.being something more simple.Like just biology?As in as humans get older they just don't seem to remember like they used to.Or lack of certain vitamins and minerals that our bodies just don't seem to retain anymore.Not to say that it is not more serious and/or deviant.Just that has any research or study been down this road?I have heard that it is on the same lines as autism and altziemers(hope I spelled that correctly).I am just putting it out there.

  2. You know Cat listening to you on this one is super aggravating….& honestly I'm not trying to be a bitch & I have no reason….. that I can think of that'd make me wanna lash out…but man girl, ok u ""Quantum physic nerd"" how about some active listening….cause
    for at least 2diffrent questions now he asked you….. there was a simple response required……me ~I was all curious for your take on those requiring a most simplistic reply….. but instead you went off in ur own direction.
    At first I figured u didn't mean to & just got lost but then I notice u don't even ask what the question was……therefore never even answering it (by stating ur opinion ) it's almost like u got what you wanna say & you'll say it no matter what he's saying ..
    ….so yeah umm some active listening might help ya…..also enough w/this whole "I can't say all my true thoughts" kinda thing cause
    "not everyone can handle it" huh? Or sorry it's "you don't wanna offend" right………..Girl I thought you wer outta ur 20's
    Well as much as we all may want to you can't
    Please all of the people all of the time…& it's starting to seem slightly (just a lil) condescending wen u mention how you'll mention ur truest thoughts off video to him …..idk just my POV right.ok
    I know you're only trying to help everyone & that's so awesome of you…and maybe I always expect more from people I truly like & admire….
    just like the last video ( I think it was more than you in that one too) wer u talk about people not being 'all the way there or consciences'…
    well that's more than a little mean….there are actually just some less intelligent people in this world, U know can't that just explain it……….see I get to thinking that I get you & understand ur take on things but then you go talking about being Buddhist & being raised Catholic & this is more scientific one week but no more spiritual the next…
    Then I feel like I'm back to square one trying 2 figure out how you view this effect…..and I start to feel like we all get much more about who you are & what makes you tick……..then what & how this effect has effected you…..so I guess I'll give up on trying to get ur POV,
    but I really think that the active listening thing could be taken in & possibly you benefit from hearing this
    (if u do even see this, that is, I'm sure ur busy & there's never a guarantee) one of the questions I was waiting to hear ur answer on was:
    Do you feel theses effects are more negative or positive?
    Geez I wish society didn't shape so many women into 'presenting' their self & I'm wishing the world valued more when women just be
    them self……you know…again I'm sorry that this might be coming across as harsh. Thanks for everything you do & like I always
    say may God bless you & yours.

  3. The Quantum Effect I think is the term everyone should be using. IMO, "Mandela Effect", the coined term by Fiona Broom, is a disinfo term coined by an obvious disinfo individual known as Broom. "Broom" = Occult Witch. It is clear to me they have muddied the waters of a REAL phenomenon using this shill and the trendy use of "Mandela Effect". This is why it has become a joke of a pop culture trendy meme. Thanks for the podcast interview brother.

  4. It is the small things, the everyday things that alerted people that something is wrong. Geography, history, anatomy, sacred text, are all changing, the list is endless. If you are not experiencing M.E. Then everything seems fine to you.

    Interactions with others experiencing the ' Quantum Shift Phenomenon determine there are 3-4 maybe more ' realities ' converging here. Some say this is due to a catastrophic event in our former realities. There are many theories why those of us were spared the catastrophe but we can not deny we are here.We do not know why a Matrix like phenomenon exist in this reality. We only know that this reality is in constant flux.

    Quantum Memories influencing Reality: If we accept merging realities is dynamic.The dominant memory imprint ( consensus memories ) will determine which reality prevails at any particular moment. The memories of those not included within the consensus memory may be numerically higher.This may help explain the residual evidence which is influenced by those not of the consensus memory.

    People and things indigenous to this reality are subject to being altered. So with each alteration to reality, in conjunction with the simultaneous butterfly effect, the memories and things indigenous to this reality are updated to match the new reality. Those not experiencing the Quantum Shift seem to remain oblivious.

  5. This guy.. Crap. why are you trying to corner her and put her in awkward spots with your crap and one-sided opinion? You bring in a genuinely kind women and treated her like you were lawyer drilling the witness. wth? To this chicken with your dumb AF coment.. She is being herserlf, not wanting to offend is why she Doesn't blast off with her opinion. it's called compassion, you should get some. She doesnt judge any ones opinion, that's the point of her channel..so to the girl here commenting with your rude A**. YOU WANT SOMETHING DONE YOUR WAY? START YOUR OWN DAMN CHANNEL. LEAVE CAT TO HERS. GEEEEEZ. STFU


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