Tackle the GMAT Webinar: Prep & Admissions Tips - Videos


Learn from this engaging webinar hosted by Hult International Business School with Sergey Kouk, an expert GMAT trainer from Admit Master, to learn 7 secrets for achieving 700+ GMAT scores.

Hult MBA Director of Enrollment Daren Loughrey also shares application advice and how Hult uses your GMAT score during the process.

During the webinar, you will learn:

1. How to manage your time
Many novice test-takers complain of not having sufficient time on the test. However, running out of time is a symptom of a bigger problem. Learn how to properly manage your time, both during preparation and during the test.

2. How to increase your retention
With so many things to remember, you need advanced strategies to increase retention that will help you in all areas of your study, even during your MBA years.

3. Five other secrets to a 700+ GMAT
Learn how to take a disciplined approach to studying for the exam that will result in higher scores and that you will actually enjoy.



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