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Announcing Test Series for Prelims – 2018.

PDF of the Plan – https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OcCZ8UYiHbaBVE9Yh4PypKcwhzRrXCVj/view?usp=sharing

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  1. Hello sir/madam,
    Thanks a lot for doing this much (Pre-mix, MAD series and much more ) for us.
    I have no doubt in the quality of test content, but i just want to know about boot camp. Bcz I'm from Ahmedabad and you mention about the boot camp in Ahmedabad. So please tell me what actually it is. Exact or Rough idea of dates of it.
    Thank you…☺

  2. guys, price for pre test series by sleepy classes team is very nominal. Vision IAS is charging Rs. 16000/- for 35 tests.
    A good test series is as much important as reading good books. A wrong answer in a poor test series can reduce our 2.66 marks in our preliminary exam and hence chance of clearing preliminary. After following this channel from last 2 months, I am sure we are going to get best material in the form of test this time. Waiting for 8th December.

  3. I hav been following ur channel for d last 8 to 10 days…Your all initiatives are really very very helpful…I think it will be blessing for me if i get ur kind guidance through ur test series programme…So Sir I m there..


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