The ‘Election Collusion’ Was between Our Intelligence Community and Britain - Videos


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As I will explain, the widespread notion that Russia and Trump colluded to beat Hillary has long been demonstrable bunk. What seems more clear each day is that there was collusion between certain members of the U.S. and British intelligence communities..



  1. Reminds me of what judge Napolitano said on fox that got him suspended for a week or two. Pfffft disciplined for telling the truth . same reason his show was curbed five yrs ago. A truthful rant

  2. british=shitish QWEEN E-LIZARD-BETH can smell my ass.
    where do these clowns get these goofyass first names like carter, porter, strobe, mcgeorge? it's like they are members of the goofyass names club.

  3. Mueller may think he granted comey immunity but he is a “secondary” agent and only a principal can grant immunity. So if comey has it which would be insane, would have to come from Rosenstein. It is Carter Page so they can get a title 1 warrant. Helper would be part.

  4. No no no- the Brits participated because they knew Trump would kill the Iran deal and the kick back from Iran and plan for Iran to start a nuclear war and blame it on the Russians.

  5. You can guarantee that the British were willing partners in this act of war, those treasonous pommie pedophiles are sick twisted fucks. Just look at the Skripal F/F what a clusterfuck that was.

  6. If we ever get the documents un/redacted . they would all be criminally charged with treason and subversion some may even hang that's why they are stonewalling and will not give the documents it's their life that's at stake for all of their criminality against the American People and THEIR government by the people for the people

  7. Between US intelligence community which really owns and/or controls every industry, media and Congress. British intelligence which owns US intelligence. The one world everything is falling apart.


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