The Hindu Analysis for 21st Aug 2018 - Videos


In this lecture, we will discuss the important news articles for the 21st of Aug, 2018. With the articles we will also look at the key areas in the General Studies that relate to these article.
Towards the end of the lecture, we will have a look at a few questions that can be formed from today’s News paper.




  1. Sir I have one dought, because in NDRF news, due to the Sabarimala stamped on 2011, Central Government announced for national disaster. How..? But that both central and state are ruled by Congress government. How they announced for national disaster…?

  2. sir i regularly follow your news analysis ….best news analysis compare to others…but plz incorporate all the news…..plz do seperate editorial analysis………
    .awesome work

  3. Sir…….hereafter plzzzz plzzzz take the lecture like this sir……….very very useful sir……….orelse I will commit suicide 😂………. really superbbbb sir

  4. Thanku byjus your detailed analysis is excellent ,i saw many videos of hindu analysis but they are very short and give only superficial knowledge but your detailed discussion is like (AB divilers) 360 .Thanku byjus

  5. Sir you have not covered some imp article like on climate change on oped page.
    Further Some articles were not covered holistically like RCEP wherein you missed to mentioned some fodder points on pitfalls on India choosing to remain out of the RCEP like no role in rule making etc..
    Otherwise it was good analysis..Keep doing grt work

  6. I liked this way of learning of byjus and as an byjus learner i wish to suggest that in the last of these video some topic are not explained or some of these are just showned the pages of that particular topic but as per our mentor guidelines we are told to just stick to these cna and video or those topics are majorly not in cna and may be many of us not referring newspaper to go through it just because of time constraint. Today's video is awesome and the way is very impressive and like today's video i.e 21st aug as in this all topics editorial. Are explained so please in further videos please explain so let us know about a little bit about topic


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